Rules & Regulations

School Fees

  • School fees are payable in advance and are to be paid by the 5th of the month. Should fees not be paid before the 5th of the month, a 10% administrative fee in addition to the monthly fee will be levied. Non payment of fees could result in your child being suspended.
  • School fees are payable, as usual, during a child’s absence from school due to illness, school holidays or for any other reason. On enrolment you are signing a contract for a service in totality and not just for days your child attends school. This means that whether or not your child attends school, we have provided for your child and you are required to pay the fees.
  • A full calendar months’ notice, given on or by the 1st of the month IN WRITING is required when withdrawing a child from school. Payment in lieu of notice may be given. Written notice must be handed in at the Administrative office to the manager on duty.
  • Parents who fail to give the required notice and remove their child without paying fees will be handed over to our attorney for collection of monies owed.
  • In the case of non-payment, action will be taken against both parents regardless of any maintenance agreements that may exist between parties.  Parents will be held liable for any legal costs that arise out of such actions. The school may record failure to meet school fee obligations with a credit information bureau. This information will be available to other credit grantors and used in making credit risk management related decisions.

School Hours

  • 07.00-18.00
  • Please note that formal teaching time starts with a morning ring at 08.00. Please ensure that your child is at school in time to participate in this very important lesson. If you would like your child to eat breakfast at school, he/she needs to be in school by 07.50.
  • Palmerston is closed on public and stated holidays and for the Christmas / New Year period. Exact dates will be provided during the course of each year.
  • School closes daily at 18.00 sharp. Parents who arrive late to fetch their children will be required to sign the Late Book and will incur a levy for staff overtime. Should we be required to send a letter of reminder for monies outstanding, a further administrative fee will be charged.

  Personal Belongings

  • All clothing must be CLEARLY MARKED with the child’s name and surname. It is not uncommon to have a number of identical bags, shoes, jackets etc. in the class. We will do our best to assist your child to care for his own belongings. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
  • We ask that you consider the clothes that your child wears to school in relation to the fun and messy activities that happen during the day. Please dress them for play.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys or games to school, unless requested by the teacher.
  • No jewellery is to be worn to school.
  • Girls with long hair must please have their hair neatly tied back and off their face.
  • Any items of clothing left behind at school, if found, will be placed in the lost property box. Please check this regularly.
  • Clothing or other items not belonging to your child should be returned to school should they find their way into the wrong bag.

Illness or Diseases

  • Children with a fever or contagious disease or condition must be kept at home. We would appreciate a call from the parents when a child is absent.


  • No medicine is to be put in school cases. All medication needed to be administered at school MUST BE HANDED TO THE TEACHER on duty. Please see that medicine bottles are tightly shut and clearly labeled with instructions for dosages and your child’s name. A note should be made in your child’s message book giving full instructions
  • No medicine will be administered unless CLEAR, PRECISE, DATED INSTRUCTIONS are written in the message book, even if you have verbally spoken to the teacher. Medicines may not be left in the bag for the teacher to “find”


All possible care will be taken to avoid accidents. First-aid will be administered by the staff trained in First Aid. We cannot accept responsibility for medical costs of accidents that occur during school hours.

  • Minor Injuries.

Depending on the nature of the injury, you will be informed in one of two ways:

  1. Minor injuries will be detailed in your child’s message book OR
  2. The class teacher or teacher on duty will verbally inform you.
  • More serious injuries.
  1. The manager will telephone to advise you of the seriousness of the injury.
  2. In terms of the Safety Policy at Palmerston, the incident will be investigated, discussed and a written report filed in the Accident Report Book.

It is therefore vitally important that parents keep the Office informed of any change in contact details in case of an emergency.

Parent Meetings, Newsletters and Reports

  • A parent orientation meeting will be held at the commencement of the Grade R year. All parents are expected to attend.
  • Newsletters are sent out termly throughout the year.
  • Grade R parents will receive 4 written reports during the year.
  • Parents will be expected to attend a session with the class teacher, usually held just after the midyear assessments. During this interview, the learner’s progress and any issues regarding his/her evaluation will be discussed.
  • It is expected that parents will give their full cooperation in assisting the school to prepare the learners for Grade 1 and will undertake to seek the advice of experts for further assessments should this be recommended for the benefit of the child.

Birthday Parties

  • A birthday is a special day for your child so please send a cake or a party pack for your child to share with the class. Your child will be acknowledged by the counting of the birthday candles on the birthday chart, special ring time, favourite songs sung etc. and of course, our special round of birthday songs and wishes.


  • Parents must ensure that their child is delivered personally to the teacher on duty or to the office if late. No child may walk into the school unaccompanied.
  • If a child will not be attending school because of illness or any other reason, please phone the office to inform us.
  • Only parents or people listed on the child’s file may collect the child at the end of the day. If a parent wishes anyone else to collect their child, they are required to notify the office or manager on duty prior to the time. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the person collecting the child is aware of the school rules and is able to comply with them. Should we not be able to confirm the status of the person sent to collect your child we will not permit the child to leave the premises. Please ensure that the office is kept informed.
  • Every parent is responsible to ensure that the gate is securely closed behind him/her. Do not allow anyone to enter or exit with you unless you are responsible for them and they are known to you.(eg family member)
  • Please greet and inform the teacher on duty that you are collecting your child and ensure that once you have done that you are responsible for your child.
  • During lunchtime 13h00-14h00, is the children’s rest time, please do not arrange to collect a child during this time.
  • Destructive play will not be tolerated. Playing with sticks, stones and toy or pretend guns or hurting other children for any reason at all is not acceptable play at Palmerston. This behaviour should therefore not be tolerated at home either if children are to be encouraged to play safely.

Extra Mural Activities

  • We encourage all Grade R learners to participate in at least 1 extra mural activity, however these activities are optional and take place in the afternoons. They are offered by outside providers and fees are payable directly to the provider.  No extra mural fees will be accepted by staff at school.
  • Please ask about our extra mural activities we are currently hosting at our school.
  • The class teacher may recommend an appropriate extra mural for your child to assist with his/her developmental needs and abilities.